Atmosphere release new video for the track 'Stopwatch'

We are delighted to share the next video release by Atmosphere for the track Stopwatch.

The video, directed by Ryen McPherson was produced by activist art collective, INDECLINE

INDECLINE are best known for their poignantly satirical murals and installations such as the naked Trump statues, and the prison cell suite in Trump Tower.

Atmosphere- Mi Vida Local

Mi Vida Local might be the best album Atmosphere’s ever made. It’s definitely the one they needed to make right now, and one listeners need to hear just as urgently. If it’s sometimes an album about how the fight to find happiness never really ends–even after you get the house and the kids and the artistic freedom to make dad-rap records–it’s also about discovering that there’s happiness to be found just in fighting.

Mi Vida Local is out now: