Featured Artist: Philippa Hanna, Photography by: Photocillin

We work with a huge range of well-established artists and labels, covering releases, tours, festivals and events, as well as with independent, unsigned artists who are looking to build their profile.


Steaming Kettle was started in 2013 by Andy Kettle, who has almost 20 years of experience working in the music industry.

But we are much more than a traditional PR agency; we offer a wide range of marketing and management services, backed by a unique network of partners from many different areas of the music and entertainment business.


Our ethos is simple.

It’s all about forming long-term relationships with our clients so that once we start working together, we will continue to do so for many years into the future.

We are passionate about music, which means we love our job, and we get a real buzz from supporting talented people; it’s incredibly rewarding to contribute to their success.

Our Services

  • PR for press, online, and blogs: We provide full PR services for a wide variety of styles and genres of music
  • Radio and TV: Radio and TV plugging over National and Regional networks
  • Playlist Pitching: Pitching tracks to coveted playlists on all streaming platforms
  • Management: Management services to help elevate and build the career for a recording artist
  • Syncing: Pitching songs for placements in Film, TV, Adverts, and computer games

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