Innovative rapper/singer deM atlaS releases 'Visual EP' along with announcing album ​'Bad Actress'​

Five weeks have passed since deM atlaS dropped his first track 'Tomorrow Party', which was then consecutively followed by week on week releases of 'Gratitude', 'Bad Loves Company', 'Music Man', and finally 'Can It Fall'...

Produced entirely by Ant, the beat-making half of Atmosphere, the album ‘Bad Actress’ will be available worldwide October 19, 2018 via Rhymesayers Entertainment.

deM atlaS also releases 5-song “Bad Loves Company” Visual EP. Directed by Dave Wilson, the striking visuals usher us through Bad Actress’ five pre-release singles; “Bad Loves Company,” “Gratitude,” “Music Man,” “Tomorrow Party,” and “Can It Fall”, all of which are available as instant downloads when you pre-order the album.

Here are all the pre order links for the album-

Throughout Bad Actress, deM atlaS displays unguarded emotions centered around a lifetime of unhealthy relationships, struggles with mental illness, and an indomitable drive to overcome them.

Bad Actress is the follow-up to deM atlaS’ acclaimed mF deM EP, which featured him
rhyming over 13 previously released MF DOOM beats, and his lauded Rhymesayers
debut, DWNR.