Too Many T's- P A T T E R N S

Too Many T’s are known for their high-energy live show which has seen them support Snoop Dogg, De La Soul, Public Enemy, Wu Tang Clan, and Big Daddy Kane. Their debut LP ‘South City’ is an album of consummate skill and emotional depth.

It’s one thing to make people think with a record. It’s another to make people laugh with one. But to do both, with the same body of work, is something truly special.

The album dazzles the listener with the skill of T’s flows, astonishes with the width of their lyrics, and will get your booty shaking with the infectious future-bass production. Your brain will think it’s listening to classic, golden-era hip hop, but your arse will know it’s dancing to a formula that’s been updated.

Their new video P A T T E R N S is a full CGI music video, 600 hours in the making & the final visuals from their debut album 'South City', which perfectly reflects their deepest song to date, about the dark side of touring all year and the lows that follow the highs.

South City is out now-