A reflection as we enter 2019...

So here we are folks….it’s a new year!

Everyone has their new plans, aspirations, and we find is a big time where artists will draw out their goals for the year.

Between news about Trump and Brexit it can be so consuming and engulfs our souls, ears, and heads….

2018 was an incredible year over at Steaming Kettle, and we can say with confidence that 2019 won’t be any different! The up coming projects we already know about are SO exciting, and in current talks with other people about possible partnerships which could be incredible.

I have been sitting on writing this blog for a few days, keep coming back to it, and just not been in the right frame of mind to write it.

As we have progressed over time, our biggest honor has been the people we have the pleasure of working with- like minded people who ultimately love the art of music and our goal is to help spread the joy of discovering something new. After all that’s why we’re in this crazy business right!? For the love of music and art…

Everyone wants to make a living, but when I talk to most people that comes second. I started out doing three internships in a row over the course of nine months working for free and then working in a pub five nights a week. My friends all thought I was mad and didn’t understand why I was doing it all for free…

We all have our own story of where we have ended up today.

We’re passionate about what we do and how much we love to help an artist with their music, take care of it for them, and make sure we can get it out to as many listeners as humanly possible!!

Sometimes I will get sent a new video due for release or project by a client, and that feeling when you look or listen for the first time…the anticipation and the buzz. WOW!

Bring on 2019- we’re ready in full force and cannot wait for what else is around the corner!