Artists pay attention- the most important piece of advice you will ever get!

Some people reading this might think I am teaching my grandmother to suck eggs, but believe it or not this simple mistake is something we see artists and songwriters make on a very regular basis!

I have done many a talk or lecture stressing the importance of this, and emphasized to talented individuals with aspiring plans to take over the world. is this simple:

Do NOT plan to release anything until you have all of your material and content ready!!!

Artists get caught up in the web of their creation, the excitement of wanting to get it out there, and the anxiety of having to wait. You have to take a BIG step back, think of things in a practical way, listen to advice, and stop.....(temporarily)

I have seen more people shooting themselves in the foot on this than in a Quentin Tarantino movie. Relying on someone to have your music video shot and ready in a week, your recordings to be album ready out of the just doesn't happen!

Picture this, a beautiful shiny yellow folder on your computer containing:

- High res JPEG versions of your sexy press shots

- Release artwork of that awesome design which was meticulously drawn by your own fair hands

- Mixed, mastered, and finished versions of your fabulous recordings in all formats

- An mp4 file/s of all your completed video content ready to upload

Once you have the above ready, then knock on your distributor's door, your PR agent, your social marketing mogul.....but not before.

Remember this is your art, it's your baby, you have spent endless hours on it, and money- don't screw it up at the last minute!